Stop Over-drinking and Start Living, Episode 149, Doing It Later

Join me this week as I explore all the excuses of 'doing it later.' I explain WHY we are inclined to do things at a later time, whether it's later that same day, on Mondays, or January 1sts. And I explain how doing it later doesn't help you suffer any less than you already are. We think that doing it later will be easier, but we know (from having this pattern for years) that it won't be easier at a future time. It's just your brain's way of being comfortable in the moment. Tune in and hear some tips in how you can over-ride this 'doing it later' mindset so you can make real progress towards your goals NOW!   I am now accepting applications to my revamped coaching program, Stop Over-drinking and Start Living. It is a 6-month, small-group, women-only coaching program, and it is changing lives!Apply now! You can also sign up for my upcoming Masterclass, How to Enjoy the Holiday without Over-drinking.November 16th at 1:00pm (EST)November 18th at 7:00pm (EST)