Ep 274 Unveiling Self-Serving Acts: When Doing Something Nice Masks Personal Desires

This is a HOT episode friends, you must listen ASAP. 

Have you secretly done something for someone else whit it's really what YOU want? 

Truth telling time! 

You must turn in to hear about this very sneaky behavior that I'm guessing WE ALL SHARE. 

Especially, people pleasers! 

I share a story of when I recently asked my son if he wanted donuts and discovered that I was doing that because I WANTED DONUTS. 

He didn't even ask about donuts, but I pretended it was something that he would have wanted and put myself in a situation that probably wasn't the best for me. 

You must tune in and listen to hear what happened! 

It's also the delusion of altruism. 

People with active addictions will tell themselves all sorts of stories 'it's for them!' 'I'm being a good host' 'it's what a good host does' 'they would appreciate this' 'I know they love xxx' 

We mask our own desires with pretending it's for someone else.

Learn how to recognize if you are doing this and how to step out of it! 

Enjoy and I'd love to hear your own story of doing this!

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