Ep 254 Holiday Rewind. You Get to Say No, Not Just to Alcohol

This episode gives you permission to not feel obligated to do all the things around the holidays that you normally do 'just because it's family' or otherwise.

I discuss how you have free will and autonomy as an adult to decide if you do things or not.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

And yes, some people won't like it and it's ok.

If you do decide to do it even though you don't like it, own that it was still your decision to make. You will feel more empowered and better about being there than telling yourself you have to suck it up because it's what's expected of you.

Learning how to start honoring yourself and doing things that are right for you is a process, take it slow, and watch how when you start honoring yourself, you feel better and will not need to escape with alcohol as much.

Happy Holidays!

xo, Angela

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