Ep. 253, How to Drink Less During the Holidays

I know what it’s like to be stuck and over-drinking and not believing in myself and feeling overwhelmed and anxious and often resentful AND using alcohol for all the good times, too.

I know what it’s like on the other side of that, and it’s worth every single penny, no matter how many hours it takes, all the uncomfortable urges you have to work through, and learning how to fail and keep going.. IT’S ALL 100% WORTH IT to be free from the over-desire to drink all the time.

I wish someone had told me that it wasn't as hard as it seems to drink less. I wish someone had told me all the benefits of cutting back, all of them, because it might have helped me take control of my life even one day sooner.

In today's new podcast episode, How To Drink Less During the Holidays, I'm breaking down...

1. Why we over-drink, especially during the holidays
2. How to be INTENTIONAL
3. How to take care of yourself and say NO to things that you don't need/want to be doing this season

I hope it inspires you to decide to stop over-drinking and start living your best life, EVEN NOW, during the holiday season!

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