Ep. 251, How to Stop Over-Drinking 2.0

This episode is a class I taught this week.

I covered WHY we over-drink. It's because you've trained your brain to DESIRE alcohol with repetitive drinking in response to your feelings.

AND, we continue to over-drink because of our primitive motivational triad, avoid pain, seek pleasure, and conserve energy, in addition, we have our conditioning and culture at play.

During the masterclass, we discussed:

Being intentional vs unintentional.

I taught you how to process an urge vs resist it.

I taught you about planning your drinks/no drinks.

I taught you and demonstrated the importance of managing your mind and getting good at writing down your thoughts.

And I encouraged you to get support if it's been longer than one year of trying to do this on your own.

These are all the main components of HOW TO STOP OVER-DRINKING.

I also shared the details of my Alive AF! programs. DON'T MISS THIS WEEK'S EPISODE.

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