Ep. 198, Dedication

This episode is highlighting 4 women who have dedicated themselves at the highest level to reach their goals and live their dreams.

One woman who at 68 years old decided to change her relationship with alcohol and now is celebrating one year alcohol-free and is now taking her business to the next level.

Another woman who thought "I'll be the client that Angela can't help," almost 3 years ago and now works for me and is building her own coaching business.

Another woman who lost her son 6 years ago and was drinking every night and who now has cut back her drinking by 90% and is building her own business helping grieving mothers.

Another woman who 2 years ago was drinking a bottle of wine a night to now has a couple drinks a month has finally given herself permission to retire and will be living abroad part-time.

These women are examples of being dedicated to themselves and their dreams. And of course it wasn't perfect. Of course they've all had big challenges and obstacles to work through, but they never gave up.
Listen in as I highlight them and tell you about the VIP day we had together in NYC.

You must also follow Lisa Pezik, author, producer, performer of the one woman show, Too Big For Her Britches @Lisa.Pezik coming back to NYC on 11/9.

Thank you for being here. And please send in how the podcast has helped so I can highlight it on our 200th episode!

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