Ep. 197, Feeling Unmotivated

I hear from so many of you that you feel unmotivated to do the work required to change your relationship with alcohol. You felt motivated at the beginning but you don't now and you aren't doing the work. 

This podcast episode explains that feeling unmotivated ISN'T a PROBLEM. 

You aren't supposed to feel motivated all the time and you need to learn how to experience a lack of motivation and follow through on a few simple daily things you can still do. 

This episode will teach you how to do this. 

I cover questions you can ask yourself when you are feeling unmotivated and how to get into action. 

I also highlight that we do things all day long even when we don't feel motivated, like doing dishes, laundry, or cooking the family dinner. How is it that we can do those things without motivation? The answer.. in the podcast! 

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