Ep. 172, Interview with Veronica Valli, Soberful Author

This week was a very special treat! Veronica Valli, author of Soberful, came on and we discussed her path to sobriety, and had awesome discussions stemming from her new book, Soberful.

We discussed the bandwidth that alcohol requires and Veronica compared a life of drinking too much, like only having 2G internet.

We ‘function’ but we aren’t running at the full capacity that we could be.

Also, we discussed growth and how we are programmed to be growing, and how alcohol stalls that growth and with that stall, we need to drink more to numb the discomfort of this lack of growth.

Veronica is a pioneer and time-tested professional in the sober space and this interview is a must listen. She’s been sober for 20 years and is dedicated to sharing that being sober is not boring, in fact, it’s the opposite! Which, of course, I couldn’t agree more.

Follow Veronica: https://www.instagram.com/veronicajvalli/
Get her book: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/soberful-veronica-valli/1139435200?ean=9781683648291
Visit her website: https://www.veronicavalli.com/

Thanks so much Veronica!


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