Ep. 158, Momentum

I'm enjoying some fun momentum towards my goals for 2022. 

My definition of momentum is consistent movement that propels you closer to where you want to go. 

That means no stopping and starting over and over again.

That has the opposite effect of momentum. 

Gaining momentum while you are energized and excited to make some changes or achieve your goals at the beginning of the year is super fun, that's where I am right now and I want to take advantage of it. 

Because let's be honest, some times it takes extra effort and feels extra hard to move the needle. 

But, when you have momentum on your side, it doesn't feel like that. 

Tune in and listen to some things that I did at the start of the year to build and gain momentum towards my goals. 

Also, here are the 10 questions I discussed in the podcast. Do them! 

Thanks Kim Arrington for sharing these with me and to @Nedratawwab for writing them!


10 Questions to Process Before You Wrap Up 2021:

1. What dod 2021 teach me about myself?

2. Who showed up for me, and how can I nurture those relationships?

3. What do I need to accept about myself and the other people in my life?

4. How did I cope with uncomfortable feelings?

5. How can I better manage my reaction to my feelings?

6. In what ways will I take better care of myself in 2022?

7. What has been a barrier to me completing my goals, and how will I remove the barrier in 2022?

8. What limiting beliefs do I need to release?

9. What do I need to practice doing more or less of?

10. What one boundary do I need to implement to improve my peace in 2022?


Join me for the Wine-Free Workweek Challenge, January 10th-13th, 2022.


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