Stop Over-drinking and Start Living, Episode 148, What’s Possible with Steph Tell

Want to know what is possible when you use life coaching to change your relationship with alcohol?Tune in this week and listen to what Certified Life Coach, Steph Tell has to say about it. Steph joined my program thinking she’d be the one I couldn’t help and now she’s a certified coach in that same program! She gives amazing insight to what her life was like before coaching and what it’s like now. She’s 52 and feels she’s got another amazing opportunity at fulfilling her dreams ahead of her! If you are interested in working with her as well, you can join my program.I am accepting applications now, and I would love to have you!  If you aren’t in my program, you can reach out to Steph via email, and she’s offering a free consultation to see if she can help you, and if working with her makes sense.  You can email her at [email protected]