Dry January with Angela Mascenik

I want to help you make goals for yourself this month that are realistic and achievable and FUN! I am here to give you tips and tools (and even some coaching) to help you have the relationship you want to have with alcohol.

Dry January Kick-off

Check out this free webinar if you are considering Dry January, or just thinking about cutting back on alcohol to start the year off strong and clear. I'm going to share my top tips to make it successful and fun.

"I enjoy not drinking now because I was willing to not enjoy it in the beginning."

Dry January Discussion with Patrick Fox

Patrick Fox and I pair up to share the most impactful ways to make Dry January a big success that LASTS!
We discuss:
- How to handle partners/friends who still drink
- How to treat yourself well (even if you over-drink)
- How to dig a bit deeper than just counting the days (tools to make it last)

"The only thing in your way is what you are *thinking* about yourself doing it."

Beyond Dry January Masterclass

I hosted my annual Beyond Dry January FREE Masterclass to help you gain the tools to cut back that go beyond a temporary break. Just taking a break doesn't permanently change your relationship with alcohol, but this class will give you tools that will last well beyond January. Don't miss!

"What you do TODAY will impact what tomorrow looks like… not what you did yesterday."

Dry January Evaluation Workshop

This class will help you evaluate your month 'going dry' or just reducing your alcohol, and set you up with where you want to go with alcohol in the future. Having a plan is critical once you end a challenge so you know where to focus. We will go over what went well, what didn't go well, and what you would do differently going forward.


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