Get the Alive AF! Support Box to help you stop over-drinking and feel more ALIVE!

These boxes are filled with high-end, quality, feel-good items that have been hand-selected by Angela Mascenik, the Creator and Host of the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living Podcast, and several stop over-drinking programs for women. 

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Certified Stop Over Drinking Coach, Angela Mascenik, presents this one-time ship Stop Over Drinking Support Kit jam-packed full of tools and treats to help you stay motivated on the path to stop over-drinking.  [ships on-demand]

In this box you’ll find awesome items like:

  • A book that Angela has found inspiring, useful, and motivational in helping you bring awareness to your journey and provide useful tools to help you get on the right path
  • Handy tools like journals with daily prompts to help you re-connect with yourself, uncover your thoughts, and keep track of progress on your journey
  • Sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages that will make you feel just as cool as your favorite glass of wine
  • A curated selection of luxurious self-care items that make you feel amazing and alive AF!

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About This Box

If you’re ready to stop over-drinking and start feeling ALIVE, this box is an amazing arsenal of tools to help you stay motivated, build new habits, and learn about yourself and your patterns.

As someone who has seen the impact of building a better relationship with alcohol in my own life and the lives of thousands of women, I’m SO EXCITED for the Alive AF! Support Box to help you see all the ways you can have healthy pleasure through smells, touch, taste, and seeing the beauty that is IN us and around us.

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